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Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and has gained recognition and use in the western world over the past several involves the insertion of very fine needles through the skin and tissues at various points in the body. When used by a skilled Physiotherapist in combination with a knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, Acupuncture can be a very effective therapeutic tool.

Acupuncture has been effective in the treatment of a variety of painful disorders including neck and back pain, headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, sciatica, and muscle / tendon injuries


Dry Needling is a technique physiotherapist use for the treatment of pain and movement impairments. The technique uses a "dry “needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle.

Other terms commonly used to describe dry needling, include trigger point dry needling, and intramuscular manual therapy.

Custom and Ready-made Braces

CN Physiotherapy Clinic specializes in custom knee bracing; measuring and fitting custom knee braces for ligament instability and osteoarthritis (OA).

Functional knee braces are useful in rehabilitation following ligamentous knee injuries and ACL reconstruction. They offer control of knee rotation and anteroposterior joint shifting. Unloader braces are designed to provide pain relief for OA sufferers by reducing the weight on the affected knee compartment. Studies generally show that unloader braces diminish pain, increase walking tolerance, provide better function and may delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

We also carry ready made braces for injuries to the knee, ankle, shoulder, back, wrist and hand. These braces may be for ligament injuries, over-use injuries or tendonitis at lower cost than custom made braces.


A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look like insoles but are biomechanical medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance.

When appropriately prescribed, custom orthotics can:

  • Decrease pain, not only in the foot, but in other parts of the body such as the knee, hip and lower back.
  • Increase stability in an unstable joint.
  • Prevent a deformed foot from developing additional problems.
  • Improve overall quality of life.

The physiotherapist will perform a full biomechanical assessment of your feet, body and gait to make sure the orthotics are helping your feet to be more efficient at walking, standing, running and sports and taking moulds of your feet which is sent to the lab where a certified Pedorthist fabricates the orthotics.

Custom orthotics can last a couple of years, but foot mechanics change with age; therefore, an assessment of your feet and gait analysis should be done annually or when any new injury develops.


Manual Therapy is a “hands on” techniques delivered by the physiotherapist to the client which involves gentle motions that encourage mobility at the joint and soft tissue levels. Although there are certain improvements that can be made by stretching and massage alone, sometimes a more manual specific technique is required to mobilize or manipulate joints that don’t move properly.


Physiotherapy treatment is an effective and multifaceted health care discipline that identifies and treats physical injuries and/or conditions. A thorough assessment of each patient is performed by the physiotherapist to determine the most efficient and beneficial treatment plan that will meet patient’s need. At our clinic, your initial assessment will not only consist of a thorough analysis of your condition but will also include the recommended treatments that will initiate the process towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Whether it is a twisted ankle or chronic back pain, the physiotherapist will ensure that the effected body part is free of pain and that proper motion and strength is restored.


A concussion occurs when the head is subject to violent force that results in a sudden shake of the brain inside the skull. The origin of the injury and the sign and symptoms vary from person to person but lack of balance, constant headaches and sudden difficulty with memory or concentration are a few symptoms that could indicate a possible concussion. At our clinic the physiotherapist will be able to identify the severity of the patient’s condition and determine which treatment plan will be most beneficial. As the treatments and exercises continue, improvement will progressively be evident.


Therapeutic tape is used by physiotherapists to stabilize a joint or muscle injury, prevent one from happening again or relieve pain caused by the injury. There are in fact different kinds of tape used for different circumstances. There is Dynamic tape which consists of a soft 4-way elastic bands that provides support by carrying the load of the patient’s everyday movement patterns. Kinesiology tape is a version of elastic sports tape that accelerates healing by lifting the skin away from the injured muscle which consequently relieves pain and facilitates proper blood flow and proper lymph drainage.


Glad Canada is a training program designed for people with osteoarthritis. At CN Physiotherapy, this training program is implemented in addition to the treatments provided at our clinic. The training program consists of exercises that improve joint stability but also strengthen and correct improper daily movements.

Consequently, joint pain will be reduced, and proper function will be restored. Regardless of the severity of the osteoarthritis, the GLAD program will educate patients on symptom management but also be specifically tailored to the patients needs.

Direct Billing

At CN Physiotherapy we provide direct billing to several insurance companies. In this case, determining how to submit claims to insurance companies will be one less thing that the patient will have to do. In addition to this, claims will be submitted to The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board also known as WSIB for any patient who is covered under WSIB. Many of the treatments covered under WSIB include acupuncture, work hardening, regular or complex physiotherapy and many more. Patients who’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and require physiotherapy will be entitled to their insurance coverage which we will be directly billing.

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